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Public School Re-entry Options for Families
WVDE Re-entry information
Staggered Re-entry Plan

Families and Students,

The registration process for the upcoming school year is moving quickly and we appreciate all that have called in or completed the registration online. If you need further assistance, please call 304-265-2497 extension 1150. Mindy Miller is available to assist you with your questions and or registration from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. until August 20, 2020.

Due to the decision Tuesday, August 11, 2020 by our board, the staggered start schedule had to be adjusted to reflect appropriate changes. We are posting that change today so you can finalize necessary plans for your child. This reflects the safest start for our school community and allows us to be prepared if we should need to shift to another Tier in our plan. If you have additional questions regarding your child’s days to attend, please reach out to the school where they are enrolled.

We again want to thank the community, families, students and staff for their support as difficult decisions and plans are made to support the learning of our students. Together we are Taylor County Strong!

Warm regards,

Christy Miller, Superintendent

Staggered Re-Entry
Staggered Re-Entry

Tiered Plans for 2020-2021 School Year
Back to School Tiered Plans
Assignments for students
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Census 2020: Make Sure You Count - Zoneton Middle School

Dear Families,

Every 10 years, the US Census Bureau undertakes a mammoth task: counting all the people residing in the United States. This count affects the allocation of funding for our community’s public resources (e.g., roads, hospitals, schools), how we plan for the future, and our voice in government. Learn more about the importance of the 2020Census and how to participate:  You don’t need a code to participate. Please help Taylor County be counted. Our schools, local government, hospital and community need for everyone to be counted.

Warm regards,

Taylor County Schools

E-Town First Church of God | Food From the King Food Distribution

Good evening families and students,
We hope this finds all healthy and safe. The drive thru food sites will be operational once again on Tuesday from 11-1 at the following sites: Project Hope, Family Resource Network (FRN) across the street from their office, remaining in your care for social distancing, Senior Center, Flemington Elementary, West Taylor Elementary, Black Bear Customs, Thorn Lane gravel lot, and Thornton School/Community Building. We remind you to remain in your car and practice safe social distancing limiting the number coming to the sites. Project Hope will also be open at 5:00 p.m. for those that cannot make it to a site from 11-1. Also, please remember the backpack program has pickup available every Thursday at Fetterman United Methodist Church from 10:00 to noon and 3:00 – 5:00 for those who have signed up to participate.

Taylor County schools thanks you for your continued support and hopes to see everyone soon!

-Superintendent, Mrs. Miller

Coronavirus19 Information
WV Department of Health and Human Services

Facts about the Coronavirus

The West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) is working closely with the Office of Governor Jim Justice, the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, and other state agencies and organizations to ensure counties and schools have the latest information regarding Coronavirus Disease 19 (COVID-19)
How to Help Stop the Spread of Germs

How to Help Stop the Spread of Germs

The WVDE has reminded counties to exercise preventative measures including:

  1. requesting that custodians diligently clean facilities daily;
  2. advising all school and county personnel, and students be very vigilant in handwashing;
  3. reinforcing respiratory hygiene practices; and
  4. staying home when children, educators, and school personnel are sick.
Is your child too sick for school?
too sick for school?

A sniffle, a cough, or  sore throat. Children come down with illnesses big and small. Some are contagious, but some aren’t.

How do you know when to keep your child home from school?

Attendance Recommendation on the Flu
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The flu virus is widespread throughout West Virginia and many physician offices, clinics, hospitals  and emergency rooms are overfilled with patients.  The medical community is seeing an influx of children and families showing up to merely ask for a medial excuse for school without needing treatment.  The flu is self-limiting(ultimately resolving itself without treatment) and parents/guardians treat the child’s symptoms with over-the-counter medications or may call their medical provider for an antiviral medication like Tamiflu to be ordered at the nearest pharmacy.  These actions keep children and families who are not at high risk and do not truly need medical intervention/treatment at home.  It also prevents the spread of the flu and overcrowding of medical facilities.  Taylor County schools will accept a note from parents as a medical excuse if they have kept students home due to the flu. In an effort to support families understanding of various illnesses and when it is appropriate to keep your student at home or send to school we are providing a guide from Diana Simmons, nurse at Taylor County Middle School. Further we are following recommendations from the WV Office of Prevention and Epidemiology Services on not closing schools unless we do not have sufficient staff to instruct students or maintain a safe and healthy environment. 

Christine Miller, Superintendent