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Attendance Recommendation on the Flu
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The flu virus is widespread throughout West Virginia and many physician offices, clinics, hospitals  and emergency rooms are overfilled with patients.  The medical community is seeing an influx of children and families showing up to merely ask for a medial excuse for school without needing treatment.  The flu is self-limiting(ultimately resolving itself without treatment) and parents/guardians treat the child’s symptoms with over-the-counter medications or may call their medical provider for an antiviral medication like Tamiflu to be ordered at the nearest pharmacy.  These actions keep children and families who are not at high risk and do not truly need medical intervention/treatment at home.  It also prevents the spread of the flu and overcrowding of medical facilities.  Taylor County schools will accept a note from parents as a medical excuse if they have kept students home due to the flu. In an effort to support families understanding of various illnesses and when it is appropriate to keep your student at home or send to school we are providing a guide from Diana Simmons, nurse at Taylor County Middle School. Further we are following recommendations from the WV Office of Prevention and Epidemiology Services on not closing schools unless we do not have sufficient staff to instruct students or maintain a safe and healthy environment.

Christine Miller, Superintendent